What is GEO-I?

GEO-I is a device friendly field force management tool that is created for small, medium and large field service & sales teams to optimize end-to-end field activity management.

Feb 2014
Made A Great SaaS Product
Nov 2013
Released A BETA Version
Oct 2011
Started R & D for GEO-I
Sep 2009
Created A Field Force Company

We started operations in 2014 and have come a long way to become one of the leading field force tracking and management solutions, worldwide. We ensure easy operability for outdoor delivery, sales & collections teams and their administrators. GEO-I serves clients across North America, Europe & Asia.

Why choose GEO-I ?

GEO-I is a secure, affordable and an all-in-one field force management solution with a flexible UI, 24/7 support, free cloud storage and easy photo sharing that helps you to track your reps, upload map locations, schedule FOS visits, manage FOS tasks, share content, sell goods & services, view routes, manage expenses, record leaves & attendance and more.


Who uses GEO-I?

GEO-I works best for companies with on-field service, sales, delivery or collections reps whose work is to visit identified clients on a regular basis to provide a variety of services, as required. These functions may include after sales maintenance of products, selling new products, delivering pre-ordered goods or collecting outstanding dues from customers.