Use the GEOI's Appointment Scheduler to easily create appointments and assigning it to the field rep. You can always view the appointments of a field rep by selecting from the drop-down list. The calendar will display all the appointments scheduled for each field rep. The colour coding would describe whether an appointment has been attended, not attended, attended lately or future dated. A feedback can always be taken about the appointment by using GEOI's task builder in which you can custom create the questions and answers about the appointment.


This Intuitive Appointment Scheduler is built with a Drag-Drop function where you can postpone the appointments by just dragging the appointment and dropping it in the postponed date. When you click on the appointment, you can also view the details of the appointment and edit it as well from the same interface. It's simple yet powerful.


GEOI's appointment Scheduler shows a monthly calendar view by default. You can always convert it to a weekly view and a daily view for easy monitoring. It would show you the list of appointments of all the field reps and you always have the option to narrow down by selecting a specific field rep.


This design is made to give you a detailed view of schedules in a single glimpse. This helps in planning the work-day of a field rep effectively. The colour coding helps to easily identify the unattended schedules or completed schedules. You can always delete a appointment at any time. The daily and weekly views provide a clear picture of the schedules of every field rep or tele sales rep.


The admin can use the Bulk Upload option to upload multiple schedules onto the calendar at once. A format is specified for the bulk upload onto GEOI. Using this feature, the admin can upload multiple appointments through a .CSV file.


You can either view the Calendar and see all the appointments of all field reps OR you can also select a specific field rep from the list to see his appointments.


The field rep can easily access his appointments from the Locations tab on the GEOI app. Appointments are shown in 7 days in advance. These appointments are also geo tagged and not necessarily the customers that are assigned to him. The admin can always plan a surprise visit to the customer's location through another field rep.


The field reps get auto notified 1 hour before the appointment. GEOI is smart to not accept 2 appointments at the same time when the admin creates the appointment. The field rep should check in to the location at the time of appointment to get complete information about the customer and to perform his tasks. He can also get the directions to the customer's location through our map.


An appointment with a potential customer always needs quick feedback passed on to the boss. A form can be built through GEOI's task builder in the admin panel and can be filled in by the field rep with all the required details. A feedback form could consist of various questions and different answer types which can be custom built on the task builder. The field rep easily accesses the task and fill in the details to share the feedback about the appointment. This procedure eradicates the traditional system of calling the field rep to take feedback about the appointment.