Aiming to offer a complete field management solution, GEOI provides the ability to monitor your field teams every-day without having them to come to the work place and wasting their working hours. Simple activities of HR are automated using GEOI. Daily Attendance, Leave Management, Holidays & Expense Managements are a part of GEOI’s Android & IOS apps.


GEOI takes a higher detail of information while adding an employee. That could include work timings, work days & reporting managers to name a few. GEOI follows a simple hierarchy of admin, manager, team leader, field rep & tele sales rep. All reps report to team leaders & the team leaders report to the manager. The managers’ report to the admin. This HR module can be used by the field reps & tele sales reps. This simple hierarchy is implemented in GEOI as most of the companies use a similar one. While adding an employee, it is important to select a reporting manager for smooth functioning of the approval queue.


GEOI provides dual authentication of attendance by the field rep. GEOI app doesn’t allow the field rep to use the application without marking a attendance on his working hours. Example: if 930 AM is his start time & the field rep accesses GEOI at 9:45 AM, GEOI notifies the field rep to mark the attendance in order to use the application. He can either mark the attendance by taking a Selfie or apply for leave from his leave balances. GEOI auto logs the coordinates of the field rep on the map. The admin has a simple view to check the attendance of the field reps and their locations including the Selfie photo taken by them.


Admin gets a simplistic dashboard providing real-time insights on HR activities like average number of hours clocked by the staff, Staff present & absent, calendar view of leaves applied by all staff etc. GEOI provides multiple options from this dashboard like, pending leave requests, total holidays configured, employee last login date & time, edit & delete employees to name a few.


GEOI gives a clear distinguished view of employees present & absent for today. Clicking on the attendance icon shows the Selfie taken by the field rep & a map with the coordinates of attendance taken. If an employee is on a leave, it would show the status whether it was approved or disapproved or pending.


Configure leaves as per your company’s policy by adding leave types & maximum number of days allowed for each leave type. Example: you can add a Leave type as “Casual Leave”& maximum number of days as “18”. GEOI also checks whether the leaves are followed on a Calendar year or a Financial Calendar year. You get to select whether the leave types are applicable or partially applicable for a specific employee. Can be done while adding an employee.


The authority of approving or rejecting a leave is always with the reporting manager & the admin. A field rep or a tele sales rep can apply for leaves as per the leave balance from their login and all leave requests are shown on the Attendance dashboard.


Government Holidays, Festival Holidays can be added from the GEOI attendance dashboard. This can be viewed by the field reps and tele sales reps. This would help in proper planning of holidays for the field & tele sales teams.


A Calendar view of all leave applications are shown here. This helps in easy judgement of approving leaves. You also can narrow down to individual leave applications. You get a default view of a month with all approved, unapproved and pending leave applications. Can also change it to weekly & daily view as well. The calendar view assists in proper judgement of leave approvals.


The expense management dashboard shows Expenses updated by the field reps by Month to date, week to date & today’s expenses. It also shows a list of all expense claims, updated by the field reps for approval. The admin is the approval authority for all expense claims. An expense form can be created as per the company’s expense claim policy.


GEOI gives the flexibility of customizing a expense form as per your company’s expense claim policy. You can add multiple expense types and the field-rep gets an option to enter the expensed amount. This expense is recorded with GEOI and can be approved or rejected by the admin. This process of expense management helps in recording & analysing expenses that can be claimed by the company staff. Thus, having a control on your bottom lines in your business.