We @ GEOI, understand that it is practically impossible to remember billing information or customised marketing agendas or general information of all your customers. What if 1 person had to remember all the information updates of 50 different customer accounts. Seems Impossible right!! That's why, GEOI offers a custom notifications platform which can make the information update as a breeze.


To simply the way it functions, let’s start by knowing about the different types of notifications that you can create. You can create 3 types of notifications for any customer. A custom notification can be specific to 1 single customer or can be for everyone. You can create a marketing notification, a billing notification or a general notification.


A marketing notification can be created for any individual customer.Name & details of the marketing notification, start date & end date can be entered in the admin panel. GEOI notifies the field rep when he Check’s In to the customer’s location for whom the marketing notification is being created @ the admin panel. This would greatly help in creating customized marketing agendas for individual customers.


This type of notification can be created to notify the due amount of a customer when the field rep does a Check In to the customer's location. GEOI provides an option to enter the invoice number & amount due also with an option to enter comments. This type of notification is specific to a single customer. Billing notifications bridges the gap of staying up to date on every account that the field rep visits.


As the name suggests, it's a generic notification that can be created to notify when the field rep does a Check Into any location.This type of notification is applicable for all customers. The best part about these notifications are, you can plan the notification well in advance and give a future start date. A planned notification with a start date and end date would always yield better results.


The custom notifications add immense value to the day-day work of a field rep. Starting from general notification updates about products, Marketing notifications which can be customized as per the customer & the billing notifications which can give a clear picture about the pending invoice amount can give a up to date information update about all the accounts that a field rep handles. A simple notification pop-up when the field rep does a check-in to the customer's location, gives all the details about the notification. The field rep can view them anytime on the notifications tab as well.