It has always been a tedious job to track your field executives. Relying on trust alone wouldn't get positive traction towards your business. GEOI gives you the solution.

You would also need to identify the nearest executive to your customer in case of any emergency to be attended. It has been proven that field rep tracking not only improves your business but also makes it a smart business by partially automating & organising the methodology of work with the field teams. Alternatively, if you donot want your field executives to be tracked, you can always switch to our Geo-Fencing feature.



Track the exact location of all your field reps on a single map. Now you can create a Permanent Journey Plan and check whether the Field rep has taken the desired route or not. GEOI uses Pure GPS and hence tracks the exact location of the field rep. IN case, your field rep has switched off the GPS on his mobile, the bike symbol on the map would stop blinking. With this automated technology of tracking your field rep, along with scheduling of visits & assigning customers to field reps, GEOI provides a great value to your business by organising the daily work and becoming your end-end field management software partner. The second-best use of tracking would always be to know the nearest field rep to a customer. Any emergencies or ad-hoc meetings can be instantly scheduled with a simple few clicks. This eradicates the traditional method of calling all your field reps and finding their location.


You can always refer to the previous route taken by the field rep by selecting a past date and the name of the field rep. This gives you valuable insights for analysing on the routes taken by the field reps and to come up with a better effective field rep mapping. GEOI stores data of 30 days of the routes taken by the field reps. You can always analyse on the Number of miles driven, Number of customers visited, Number of new customers added, Products Sold, Tasks Done, Forms Signed and many other useful insights which can give you a boost to your business organically and allow you to make data-driven decisions.


This technology is an alternate to tracking which allows you to know whether the field rep has visited your customer or not. For everyone who doesn't want to use tracking, you can simply switch it off with a single click of a button and it will automatically convert to the geo fencing technology. GEOI provides a smooth technology shift between Tracking & Geofencing with a single button. Since we are auto-capturing most of the addresses of your customer, we can efficiently use GEOFENCING technology to check whether the field rep has visited the customer or not. GEO FENCING provides you a option to select the fence range(5 M to 100M) from the customer's address. The field rep can check in to the location of the customer only if he is in the geo fence. The field rep can also by-pass and continue to check-in in case he is not at the customer location. However, the admin would be notified about the Check In exception. With this technology, you can always stay abreast of whether your field reps are visiting your customers or just taking the orders over phone.



By accessing GEOI through an android or IOS app, the Field rep would be notified to switch on the mobile GPS. The field rep can see all the customer locations on the map located on the dashboard. He can also quickly view customer details by clicking on the map pointer & also find the best route to reach the customer. As this is integrated with google maps, it also shows the current traffic conditions to travel. An option to get a guided audio navigation is also provided for the field rep. This makes travel & execution of his day at a breeze for the field rep.


A Field rep can take his attendance at the start of the day, by clicking a selfie. GEOI would also capture the location coordinates & update the admin about the location & image of attendance. This can also be downloaded as a report to identify late attendance or any leaves. Similarly, expenses also can be geotagged. Expenses can be customized by the admin and field rep can enter the expenses depending on the type. Admin can also get a report of the number of Miles travelled depending on the frequency of the GPS.


A field rep would do a "Check-In" as soon as he visits the customer. GEOI automatically authenticates whether the field rep has checked-in from the customer's location or a different one. This can always be downloaded on the exception report. The field rep has options to do a "pause", "resume" & "Check-Out" from the customer's location. These options help the admin to determine the accurate time spent at the customer's location & also time taken for breaks. These tiny inputs are simplified and shown in a overview by GEOI. You can always see the number of hours spent by a field rep on the job & the number of hours taken as break. Aside to this, the field rep also gets a detailed report about the customer when he does a "Check-In".


In case the admin doesn't want to track the field rep, the field rep would still be able to perform all the above operations smoothly. However, GEOI checks the geofencing distance specified by the admin and accepts the check-in if it is within the geo fence perimeter. GEOI adds the check-in as an exception in case it is done outside the geo fence perimeter. GEOI is smart enough to mark exceptions for any other operation like "Pause", "Resume" & "Check-Out" if they are made outside the geo fence. These insights would be summarised in the GEOI dashboards or in the reports.