GEOI provides an integrated Android & IOS solution for your field teams. Every field sales rep can now see real time inventory availability, order statuses amongst many others to efficiently handle the customer visits.


All your customers and their addresses can be geocoded using google maps. That means, if you enter a valid address while adding the customer, GEO-I will find the coordinates on google maps. This would eventually help the field rep in finding the exact location of the customer and find the best possible route from his current location.


All information entered while adding the customer can be viewed by the field rep on the GEO-I App. He can also see the customer location on the map, find the best route to travel & then check-in to the customer location in order to see more details & take orders.


The admin can create a scheduled visit for any field sales rep. All schedules that are created can be viewed in the app so that the sales rep can plan his visits accordingly. A customer can be assigned to a sales rep permanently which would always show up in the GEO-I app. A schedule can also be converted into a PJP or a Beat Plan.


The field sales rep also can add new customers which would go for a approval with the admin. Once approved, the respective field sales rep would be auto-assigned to the customer.


You can now track the current location of your field sales reps using pure GPS. The route taken by the field reps gets auto saved so that you can anytime refer to a previous date and check the routes taken. You can always switch-off location tracking and use the geo-fencing feature which captures the location of the field rep only when he does a check-in to a location of the customer. Either way, you get a authenticity of the field rep's visit to the customer. P.S- Of course you need the field rep's mobile GPS Switched On to track his location.


The field sales rep now gets a real-time visibility of stock atthe warehouse. A multi view order taking page helps the field rep in quickly taking the orders with various quantities on behalf of the customer. The order will be finally authenticated by a digital signature of the customer. A Purchase Order gets automatically generated and sent for order approval and processing at the admin panel.


The field sales rep can take the stock on hand at outlet and suggested stock, in case you work on a "Sale or Return" Model or if you have accounted stock at your customer's location. This helps you to get a clear picture of stock movement like top sellers, worst sellers & suggested stocks by the customer. You can now make a efficient marketing plan with these details.


The field rep has real-time information on the current orders like order statuses, shipping status & ref IDs etc. He can then be able to efficiently forecast a date of delivery of the order.


Create digital documents or agreements in our advanced form builder. Get it filled and signed digitally by your customer through the field rep. This would tremendously save your time behind physical documents & vetting them & saves storage space. Your documents and agreements are fully encrypted and can be viewed only by you.


The field rep can raise a quotation and email it to the customer. He can also select a product as a demo product or a freebee or a billable product. These quotations can be viewed across all sales channels. All quotations can be instantly converted to a Purchase Order for faster processing.


Create custom billing, marketing or any general notifications for each customer. After-all, a field sales rep might not remember everything about all his customers. The field sales rep gets notified after he does the "check-in" to the customer's location. It can be customized as per the customer or also can be a general notification to everyone.


The field rep gets to see the price list that is selected for each individual customer. It can be configured in the customers tab in the admin panel. These price lists are maintained at the inventory management tab.


Place all your Catalogues, Power point Presentations, Word Documents, PDFs and anything related to your products in Content Library. This can be viewed and downloaded anytime through the GEO-I App.


Create tasks or surveys through our task builder and get real-time information about the tasks performed by the Field reps at the customer's location. Can be hugely useful for technicians or surveys at outlets. The task builder is completely customizable. Get answers through multiple choice or dropdown selection or a text box. There are 8 different types of answers for you to choose from for every question.