We believe that a long-term bond with your customer can start with a proper quotation. GEOI gives you the option to create a quotation from any login. A field rep or a tele rep or a admin can raise a quotation. It can later be converted to an order & post the order being processed, GEOI converts it to an invoice. With GEOI’s robust back end, we can perform the end to end operations of quotations to invoicing. These operations can also be seamlessly synchronised with Accounting packages like Intuit Quickbooks or Xero. (more to come soon).



A quotation can easily be created from any login. All quotations are also seen along with the customer’s info for easy tracking. A simple form to add products, quantity, discounts, tax & Shipping Charges would complete a quotation. You can add aaddress & assign a quotation to any user.


GEOI gives the ability to email the quotation or convert it onto a PDF file. The header, footer & the logo are completely customizable and would not show GEOI anywhere in your quotations & invoices.


GEOI provides an extremely simple procedure to convert a quotation into an order. You can select a quotation & click a button “Convert to Order”. GEOI seamlessly converts the quotation to an order and an order number is auto-generated. GEOI also differentiates between a converted quotation & a non-converted quotation. This helps you in checking all the unfulfilled quotations & to follow up with the respective customers for a potential order.



An invoice can be created by the admin. It follows a simple format similar to a quotation. Invoicing can be done through the order wizard OR through customer’s info OR also through the invoices tab. An invoice number can be auto generated or can be manually entered. An invoice date with selection of payment terms can complete the invoice. An invoice can directly be raised without selected an order too. The products can be added using the auto-complete feature in invoicing. Post creating an invoice, it can be viewed by field sales, tele sales & by the admin. Options to email, print, Download as PDF are given. Payments can be recorded against specific invoices including the mode of payments. This feature helps in payment recovery and tallying of all financials.


An invoice can also be created from the Order Processing Wizard. Post entering the Shipping details of an order, an invoice can be generated to quickly include a hard copy in the order package or can be emailed to the customer. GEOI allows you to select the order and an invoice can be auto-generated from it. Options range from changing the billing address or Shipping Address, selecting a payment term, making value adjustment to the invoice and selecting an invoice date.


GEOI allows a full customization of your company’s letter head. This would be used for quotations & invoices. Starting from choosing the logo position, Address & address position on the header, you can also place footer content and terms & conditions on the invoice. You can attach files to a invoice which can consist of agreements or details terms & conditions.


This unique feature with GEOI helps you to configure payment due date schedules. In case you do not work on a “Cash n Carry” business model, this option can help you in creating payment due dates with an ease. Configure a due date by giving it a name & adding the number of days ahead of the invoice date or you can give a specific due date from the calendar. For example, Add a name PAY30 and number of days as 30. GEOI would notify you on the 30th day about the payment. The 30th day is calculated from the invoice date. You can also see the number of days left or crossed for the payment of each invoice. This feature helps you analyse late payments, timely payments and prompt paying customers and allows an easy follow up with your customers.