In case you are a distributor/ Wholesaler or manufacturer and you work on a Sale or Return business model, this feature of collecting Stock On hand at the outlet could be of an immense value.


Your field rep can now visit the customer's location(Retail Outlet) and perform an audit on Stock On hand. Field rep can punch in the stock available at the outlet for each product. A report is auto generated and sent to the admin panel. The field rep can also send a email copy to the customer's email ID. This option helps you in determining the stock levels at the retail outlets and thus determining low volume stock, fast moving stock, slow moving stock and recommended stock. This helps in evaluating adjusting the inventory available at the outlets.


Stock Volume at different outlets can always be in different proportions. A high sale product in a specific outlet might not be the same in a different outlet in a different location. Since there are a lot of factors that affect the sale of a product. Hence, GEOI provides a option of entering recommended stock. This recommended stock can be suggested by the customer who is responsible for the end sale of your product. This also helps in planning of stocks as required by the customer.


The admin can download the stock on hand as a report or as well view it in the admin panel which allows to analyse on the current stock levels at the outlets and the recommended stock levels. This is a very important feature that can help in planning of stock when you work on a sale or return business model.