GEOI’s task builder can be used to build specific set of tasks that needs to be performed by the field-rep when he Check’s In to the customer’s location. Typically used by Medical Reps, Technicians or any service-oriented field work, GEOI’s task builder allows the admin to custom create & monitor specific set of job responsibilities to be performed at the field-rep.


The task builder allows you to create tasks and multiple questions in the task. These tasks can be accessed by the field rep on GEOI’s Android & IOS apps. You can select from 6 different types of answers for each question. You can give an option as YES or NO to a question, A text box, A number answer, Multiple Choice with custom choices, Photo or Signature. An example of a question in a task could be “Was there any payment collected “.Answer: Yes or No. “If so, How much” Answer: A Number Answer. The above questions and type of answers would be shown to the field-rep. The field-rep gets to answer the questions given in the task.


Use this option to upload multiple tasks and answer types from a .CSV file. You can download the format when you click on “Bulk Import” & can create all questions and answer types. You can then upload the .CSV file which can be saved from a excel sheet.


You can delete a task or also change the status from active to inactive. Check “task view” to check the questions and type of answers inside the task.


The tasks configured by the admin can always be viewed by the field- rep in the “Tasks” tab on the Android & IOS apps of GEOI. TO submit a task, the field rep should Check-Into the customer’s location. GEOI does not allow the field rep to perform a task without Checking In to a customer’s location. The field-rep can also view the tasks in the “Location Specific Tasks” tab.


All submissions to a specific task can always be viewed by clicking on “Task Submission View” . A list of all submissions by all users for that specific tasks is displayed. You get to see the answers for each question in the task. You also get a option to delete the answer.

By using the task builder, business efficiency is increased on a great scale. It provides

  • - Systematic performance of tasks.
  • - Uniform tasks for all without parity.
  • - Instant updates on the tasks performed.
  • - Eliminating verbal or chat communication for tasks.
  • - Can perform as a KRA sheet.
  • - Can perform as a log sheet or a Job Sheet or a data sheet.